75 Ft Sailing Catamaran

Boat Details

Length 75 Ft
Speed 10 Knots

Trip Details

75 Ft Sailing Catamaran - a well-equipped, reliable, and luxurious - built in France - the biggest sailing catamaran of the Dominican Republic. She can accommodate up to 75 passengers – for everyone, there is lots of space to be comfortable.

Dimensions: Length 22.8 m, Beam 10.5 m, Draft 1.40 m

The amazing comfort and stability of the catamaran comes from its ample size and outstanding design. At the back of the boat in the shade, you can admire the ocean or in the front on the nets, you can enjoy the sun – truly ample for everyone to please!

The admiration of our crew for sailing and snorkeling will ensure you a superb trip on the beautiful coast of Puerto Plata. Our aim is to make your day as beautiful as possible!

You can sail on the lovely waters of the north coast of the Dominican Republic while enjoying the underwater beauty of Sousa's snorkeling sites for a unique journey like none you have experienced before. We are ready to welcome all of you on board, whether it's couples, with family or friends to enjoy the most beautiful ocean vacation.

We promote our core values, such as our best quality services, the safety and comfort of our catamaran, and our crew's professionalism and availability.

Private Tour (6 Hours)

  • xxx USD
  • Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

    A special day to celebrate? With all your close ones, are you looking for a truly unforgettable sea experience? Or do you would like to surprise your partner?

    Let the answer you are looking for, your next trip out at sea then be our highly customized private tour. Both our highly trained crew and our deluxe catamaran will make this journey truly unforgettable.

    According to your requirements, we will customize a private tour for you. To make sure everything is perfect for you, our crew will adjust according to requirements of length of tour, as well as trajectory, and services you required onboard.

    A full day tour, half day tours, or even sunset trip – we can arrange a private excursion aboard as per your requirements.

    Includes: Animation, Variable Path, Variable Hours, Beverage Service (Open Bar), Complete Dive Equipment Provided, Possibility of a Shuttle Service, Possibility of a Bar Service, Meals Prepared by a Caterer.

    Please feel free to contact us for the quote.

Half-Day Snorkeling Tour (3 HOURS) - Up to 30 PAX

  • $1410 USD
  • Schedule: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

    Trip Highlights:
    You will enjoy the calm and clear, beautiful waters of the protected Sosua 's Bay, in a pleasant atmosphere on board.

    3 rocks will be our first mesmerizing snorkeling stop in the day, that is located near Playa Chiquita. We will then sail to our second location on the main reef inside of Sosua Bay.

    Before disembarking, in a stress free comfortable atmosphere you will enjoy alcoholic beverages while you enjoy a fun, cheerful and always-smiling company of our crews.

    Includes: Half-Day Aboard Our Catamaran, 2 Snorkeling Spots, Beverage Service (Without Alcohol), Complete Dive Equipment Provided

All Inclusive Full Day Tour - (Up to 30 PAX)

  • $2130 USD
  • Schedule: Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

    Trip Highlights:
    Experience the colorful underwater world of our 3-rock snorkeling location in Sosua bay and enjoy a fantastic full day of fun on board.

    We will provide you high standard snorkeling equipment and guarantee the expertise and competence of our crew. You will safely experience the exceptional beauty of our two snorkeling sites, whether you are an expert or a beginner.

    After our snorkeling, the catamaran will hoist up its sails as we head out towards Ocean World marina.

    The catamaran will hoist up its sails as we head out towards Ocean World marina after our snorkeling. During the sail, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal brought on board while surrounded by the open ocean. Make the most of this wonderful moment of relaxation to enjoy the sounds of the sea while sailing along the wonderful north coast.

    Our crew is always there to assist you with all your requirements and speak to you along the way to make this journey truly unforgettable.

    Includes: Full Day Aboard Our Catamaran, 2 Snorkeling Spots, Beverage Service (Open Bar), Complete Dive Equipment Provided, Shuttle Service at your Hotel, Meals Prepared by a Caterer, Bar Service